13 Of The Best Craft And Cutting Blogs

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Reading the best craft blogs is a surefire way to inspire and excite us to get to work with our vinyl cutting machines.

Whether it’s following video tutorials, reading reviews of new machines or experimenting with new features, we can’t get enough of our favorite crafty blogs.

We love them so much, in fact, that we segment some time each week to reading the latest blog posts. Not to mention taking advantage of any of their free SVG files giveaways…

A reader emailed us last week to ask for our recommendations for the best craft cutting blogs.

She was struggling to get inspired to try new things with her Silhouette Cameo.

There are only so many times I can cut out my kids’ names next to a cute animal!

We feel you!

Sometimes it’s worth getting design inspiration from other people — especially when those people are creative, crafty bloggers.

So we’ve decided to round-up our favorite craft and cutting blogs for your delectation.

Some of these are super concentrated on craft cutting, while others are more general purpose crafting with the occasional foray into personal die cutting.

We love them all — let us know which are your favorites in the comments!

The Best Craft And Cutting Blogs
Silhouette School

best craft cutting blogs

Our number one favorite resource when it comes to everything Silhouette Cameo is always the Silhouette School blog.

They have tutorials on everything — and I mean everything — to do with Silhouette, and it’s always to them we turn when we need to troubleshoot something with our machine.

As well as how-tos, video classes and books, they’ve also got a host of free advice, inspiration and freebies to soak up as well.

We’ve got a lot of value from their Silhouette for Business resources in the past, and would also recommend that you check out their paid membership options for Silhouette U — it includes ad-free video tutorials, commercial cut files, weekly office hours and live Q and A sessions. There’s also a private Facebook group to really inspire a sense of community.

Silhouette School is run by Melissa and her husband, Bob, and is generally regarded as something of a goddess in the Silhouette cutting community thanks to her ever-so-popular blog!

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Lia Griffith

best craft blogs

Possibly one of our favorite craft blogs when it comes to aesthetics, the Lia Griffith website is an absolute delight to browse on a rainy day — instant inspiration!

Lia started out blogging with just her paper craft designs but has grown her blog to encompass a variety of crafts, including sewing. From menu designs to DIY dog beds to body lotions, she’s got everything you need to create your own ‘handcrafted lifestyle’.

Every holiday, occasion and style is catered for on Lia Griffith.

We love her weekly video tutorials and her paper crafts are exquisitely beautiful. She also got a bounty of SVG cut files — both free and paid — to download that you can procure for your own cutting projects.

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Cutting for Business

best cutting craft blog

Less aesthetically pleasing but still an undeniably useful resource is the Cutting for Business blog.

This community does exactly what it says on the tin — helps you make money by using your Silhouette or Cricut vinyl cutting machine.

There are articles full of advice and money-making ideas, including tutorials on how to manage a Facebook shop, navigating the complex world of copyrights and trademarks and even software tutorials.

As you might expect, there’s a wealth of information about using Etsy as a cutting business, which newbies and more experienced hands alike will find very useful.

Cutting for Business is run by Christine — a cutting hobbyist turned small business owner who’s keen to share her vision, experience and expertise with other like-minded crafters.

In addition to the huge amounts of free advice on the site, she also has a variety of books for sale on the subject of creating a Silhouette/Cricut business quickly and a class in Facebook advertizing.

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Paper + Craft Pantry

craft blogs

How cute is the Paper + Craft Pantry?!

The business is actually a local paper shop and workshop in Austin, Texas, but their blog has a much wider international appeal.

It includes fun crafting tutorials — often with a cutting machine on hand — as well as more general advice, gift guides and business sense too. For instance, they posted recently about how their morning routines help them to start the day on a creative note — something all us crafters should seek to emulate!

If you’re in the Austin area, you’ll no doubt be intrigued by and pumped to attend some of their amazing workshops held locally in their studio. Everything from hands on crafting to 3-day blogger conferences are on offer — and they also post up full rundowns of the event so you can catch up if you missed it.

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Ken's Kreations

best craft cutting blog

Undoubtedly one of the most colorful cutting blogs we can think of, Ken’s Kreations is a hive of everything creative, weaving his personality and lifestyle throughout the blog and his reviews.

His main focus is on Cricut and Silhouette machines, with a few fun stampers thrown in for some extra interest. As well as cutting machine reviews, comparisons and competitions, he has a host of projects and tutorials you can delve through, as well as a number of YouTube videos.

He’s also included some lifestyle content on the blog if you want to get to know the man behind the, ahem, Kreations!

We find the machine reviews to be of particular usefulness and a must-read if you having difficulty deciding which cutting machine is best for you. The Cricut and Silhouette projects on offer are great too — especially for those of us who have a Star Wars fan in the family!

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Oh Joy!

best crafting blogs

Oh Joy! is one of our favorite blogs of all time — and not just one of the best craft blogs!

It’s actually a graphic design studio based out in LA but is known more widely for being a fantastic online hub for everything homemade in the realms of fashion, food and design.

Founder Joy Cho has written three books, including the fabulous Oh Joy! 60 Ways To Create And Give Joy and is well known in the blogosphere for her sheer creativity and commitment to her brand and work. One thing you can be sure of — girl really likes pom poms.

The blog itself is regularly updated with tutorials, photo diaries, styling guides and travel diaries.

While there’s not a huge amount here that’s relevant to cutting craft, it’s one of the most inspiring places on the internet and somewhere we love to come and get motivated in our crafting.

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best homemade blogs

C.R.A.F.T — or, Creating Really Awesome Fun Things — is another great creative online space, especially for the cash-strapped amongst us.

Run by Jamie, the blog shows you how to create incredible products and designs using free — or at the very least, cheap — things. Whether you want to create tasty treats for an upcoming holiday, games for your kids or some crazy costumes — C.R.A.F.T has the answer!

As a mother and a teacher, there’s a strong emphasis on crafts for kids on here from Jamie — whether that’s you making things for children or having the children make things for you!

Popular categories include 1-hour crafts, DIY costumes and a whole bunch of posts about having kids and the like. Always an entertaining read!

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Cut, Craft, Create

best creative blogs

We were recommended to read Cut, Craft, Create by another crafter who appreciated Kelsie Ann’s friendly approach and down-to-earth air as a busy stay at home mom.

Her blog is full of decoration and gift ideas that is sure to inspire you — and we sure as anything appreciate her regular updates (even just after she’d given birth to her second baby!).

We especially love how much she includes her kids in her posts and how so many of her crafts are child friendly — a great way to bond with our kids and to inspire some creativity in them. There’s a mix of crafts on offer here — including cutting, sewing, painting and more.

Plus, look out for her regular awesome giveaways!

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Just a Girl and Her Blog

best blogs for crafts

We love Abby Lawson’s blog — Just a Girl and Her Blog — and are continually inspired by the pretty layout, amazing organization advice and, of course, the brilliant craft tutorials.

There’s also lots of advice here for bloggers and small businesses in general, which many of our readers are sure to find useful and interesting.

The crafts section of Abby’s blog is our go-to when we’re browsing for inspiration. We love the many incredible printables she shares, as well as some cracking tutorials on making centerpieces, banners, general party pieces and much, much more.

While the majority of the site is free, she also offers some paid options in the form of ebooks if you’re looking for something a little more business oriented and in-depth. Her books include The Paperless Home and Building a Framework — great advice for would-be bloggers just starting out.

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Damask Love

Damask Love

silhouette cameo blog

Another beautiful blog that we can’t stop staring at is Damask Love, run by Amber — a child psychologist by day, crafter by night, and mom all the time!

Her blog is funny, friendly and, above all, inspiring. It’s very down to earth and newbie friendly, so don’t be put off if you’re new to the world of crafting.

There are a huge number of projects to be found on Damask Love, including paper crafts, homemade gifts, holiday party pieces, stuff for kids and even blog advice for all you would-be business owners.

We’re huge fans of her video tutorial content too and hope she’ll get around to making more soon. Current videos include Scoring 101, simple sticker making, dry embossing and basic die cutting.

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Anna's Blog

cricut blogs

Anna Griffin is a legend in the world of craft cutting design, and we love browsing her blog and store for inspiration and designs. Originally a graphic designer, she made her name in the wedding and event invitation business and is known for her elegant and ornate work,

She’s a true professional and her blog reflects that — with incredible illustrations, easy to follow step-by-step tutorials and links to everything she uses in her shop.

If you’re interested in paper crafts and card making, Anna’s Blog should be at the top of your reading list. She also regularly posts updates of her workshops and events.

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Paper & Stitch

best handmade blogs

Paper & Stitch is another super cute and fun craft and lifestyle blog that we love to read. It covers such topics as fashion, food and travel, as well as DIY crafts and interiors.

Run by Brittni, who has a background in fine art and impeccable taste in interiors, Paper & Stitch is pretty much a one-stop shop when it comes to creating a beautiful and handmade life. It’s hard not to get inspired after a few minutes browsing here.

Take a look at her video content too:

The DIY section is probably our favorite part of the blog with a huge number of projects and tutorials on offer — ranging from the easy, 5-minute hacks to more complex projects like making DIY rose petal bath salts and party decor ideas.

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Typically Simple

vinyl cutting crafts blog

You’re probably looking at the Typically Simple homepage and thinking, “Er… isn’t this a recipe blog?”

Well, yes. Partially. There’s plenty of crafting on there too though!

This is another blog that’s a one stop shop for everything homemade. Whether that’s carrot cake cupcakes, scrapbook wreaths, holiday party ideas and much, much more.

And best of all, Typically Simple is exactly that — simple and easy to follow. It’s impossible to get lost with these projects and tutorials, while there’s enough on here to provide inspiration for the most experienced of crafters.

It’s run by Kelly, a teacher and a mom, so you can expect plenty of kid-friendly projects at hand, and a fun and friendly tone to boot.

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What are your picks for the best craft blogs?

Looking to get inspired for your next craft project? Check out our Inspiration board packed full of freebies, cut files and craft deals for every occasion!

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