5 Best Vinyl Sticker Maker Machines in 2023

What are the best vinyl sticker maker machines?

“What’s a good vinyl sticker machine?” “How do I choose the best vinyl sticker maker?” If you want to make your own stickers at home, or you’re wondering how to make vinyl stickers, there are a variety of helpful machines that can simplify the task and make creating stickers… really fun. Whether you choose a … Read more

Disney SVG Files: Free & Premium Disney-Themed Cut Files

Where to find Disney SVG Files for your Cricut or Silhouette

Looking for high-quality Disney SVG files? Whether you’re a professional graphic designer, a casual crafter, or just a die-hard Disney fan, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ve rounded up the best free and premium Disney SVG images, so you can easily find the perfect one for your next project. Disney SVGs are great … Read more

What Are The Best Fabric Cutting Machines?

What are the best Fabric cutting machines?

Our main focus has always been on vinyl and paper crafts, but recently we’ve been moving into the world of fabric. Enter the humble fabric cutter. The best fabric cutting machines aren’t necessarily the same choices as the best vinyl cutting machines: there can actually be a world of difference between the two. Likewise, some … Read more

How To Clean A Cricut Mat [Make It Sticky Again!]

How to clean a Cricut mat

One question we get a lot over here is crafters asking how to clean a Cricut mat, or how to restick a Cricut mat. And while most of the questions we get regarding cleaning and resticking cutting mats are from Cricut users, our following advice can be applied to any machine that requires a cutting … Read more

The Best Christmas Gifts For Crafters [2021 Edition]

best craft gifts

Who else is excited for Christmas this year?! Whether you’re compiling a wish list for yourself or buying for a loved one, there’s no doubt that there are a huge number of amazing gifts for crafters available right now. We’ve compiled our favorites for this ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for crafters — let us know … Read more

USCutter MH 34in Review

uscutter mh series review

Up until now, the USCutter MH Series (available now on Amazon) had almost passed us by. Neither a commercial cutter nor a typical hobbyist machine, the MH Series vinyl cutter occupies a unique space in the craft cutting world, but is still super popular thanks to its bargain basement price. Aside from its low price, … Read more

24 Free Valentine’s Day SVG Files

valentines day svg files

Looking for free Valentine’s SVG files? We’ve got you covered. Valentine’s Day is one of our favorite holidays for crafting — what better than to express your love with a thoughtful, homemade gift? Plus, a lot of experienced crafters choose Valentine’s Day to giveaway free SVG cut files — you can simply save these to … Read more

1 Huge List of Free Font Resources

free font downloads

Looking for free fonts to use with your vinyl cutter? We’ve got you covered. About a year ago, we compiled 1 Huge List of SVG Files, Tutorials and Freebies. It’s one of our most popular posts ever and we keep updating it whenever we find a cool new SVG resource. But we get a lot … Read more

13 Best Thanksgiving Projects For Cricut And Silhouette Cameo

thanksgiving crafts

It’s November so you know what that means… time to start thinking about Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that’s just made for crafters like us. There’s nothing better than welcoming family into your home that’s filled with crafts and joy. In that spirit, we’ve compiled some of our favorite Thanksgiving projects from around the web … Read more

24 Halloween Projects for Your Cricut or Silhouette Machine

silhouette cameo halloween

Looking for some Silhouette and Cricut Halloween projects? We’ve got you covered. It’s October, so that means that Halloween is right around the corner. AKA the national holiday for crafters. It’s the perfect occasion to bust out your vinyl cutter and create something incredible — whether it’s cards, costumes, spooky decorations or something downright mysterious. In honor … Read more

KNK Zing Air vs KNK Force vs KNK Maxx Air

knk force

You can be sure that you’re getting something special when you buy a KNK computerized cutting machine. These unique craft cutters are the ultimate in powerful and precise cutting, and are almost unrivalled at their reasonable price points. Yes, they have a learning curve, and we’re not sure that they’re a good fit for beginners, … Read more

KNK Zing Orbit Review

knk zing orbit guide

It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of the KNK computerized cutters. Which is why we’re so excited about the brand spanking new KNK Zing Orbit (available now on Amazon) — an upgrade on their budget cutter, the Zing Air. Our Zing Orbit has been ordered and will hopefully be on the way to our … Read more

Oracal 651 Vinyl: Best Deals & Discounts

ORACAL 651 is a medium-term vinyl, perfect for indoor and outdoor lettering, marking and decorations. It can provide up to six years of outdoor durability and has dogged built-in resistance against shrinking, cracking, and peeling. Oracal 651 vinyl is known for being easy to weed and transfer, qualities that have established it as the roll … Read more

KNK Zing Air Review

KNK Zing Air

The KNK Zing Air (available on Amazon) is an entry level electronic cutter that can do much more than your average cutting machine. It is the ‘economy’ option in KNK’s current lineup of cutters, joined by the new KNK Force (to be reviewed shortly) and the KNK MAXX Air. We should also mention that it’s … Read more

USCutter Laserpoint II Review

uscutter laserpoint

The first thing that attracts most people to the USCutter Laserpoint II (available to buy on Amazon) is definitely the price. This is a cheapvinyl cutting machine — especially considering its size and contour cutting abilities. Of course, it’s not all roses. A couple of mechanical issues have been reported (although we’re pretty sure we … Read more

1 Huge List of SVG Files, Tutorials & Freebies

svg files and freebies

Looking for free SVG files for Cricut, Silhouette or your favorite craft cutter? Good news! We’ve compiled this gigantic list of SVG files and resources – perfect for use with your Cricut Maker, Cameo or cutter of choice! Some of them are free, some of them are paid, but the list is worth saving for future reference. … Read more

Compared: The Best Roland Vinyl Cutters

roland vinyl printing machine

We’ve been on something of a professional vinyl cutting kick at the moment after reviewing the Graphtec cutters last week, and now it’s time to turn our attention to the big daddy… The Roland vinyl cutter machines. When it comes to commercial cutting, Roland are probably the best known name out there and are the … Read more

Graphtec CE6000 vs Graphtec FC8600


So… you’ve decided to invest in a Graphtec plotter. Great decision — Graphtec are at the top of their game in the commercial vinyl cutting world and offer some truly exceptional machines that will undeniably take your designs to the next level. To buy a Graphtec vinyl cutter is to buy a professional vinyl cutter. … Read more

How To Cut Heat Transfer Vinyl

heat press vinyl

Discovering all the different things that you can create is one of the great joys of owning a vinyl cutting machine. But we’re sure we’re not the only ones that have been stumped about how to cut heat transfer vinyl. What’s it for? How can I cut it? Where does the heat come from?! All valid questions. … Read more