Our Story

The Vinyl Cutting Machines website was launched in 2016 to provide a comprehensive overview of the best vinyl cutters on the market.

We still remember a time when to use a vinyl cutter, you would have to take your work to a commercial shop that had a sufficient budget to afford — what was then — an incredibly expensive machine.

These days vinyl cutters sell for as little as $100.

In the same way that low cost computing opened the doors to mainstream computer use, the low cost cutting machine has done wonders for the crafts community. We couldn’t live without them!

Thousands of craft fans now have access to exceptional cutters that they can use for both personal and professional use.

Our aim with this website is to help you find the perfect vinyl cutter for your needs, whether those needs are professional — say to start a signage company — or personal, e.g. to enjoy with your family and to get the kids using their hands.

(A skill harmed, ironically, by the advent of low cost computing!)

You can read our latest guide to the best vinyl cutting machines here.

Vinyl Cutting for Both Hobbyists and Professionals

Beyond simply examining the best cutting machines, we will delve in to a variety of topics that crafts enthusiasts are passionate about.

That includes everything from how to start your own home decals business on Etsy, to reviewing tools that can help with your weeding and transferring, to answering your questions on how to get more out of your Cameo, Explore Air, and so on…

Of course, we hope our guides are useful to more than just hobbyists.

Many business people have the need for a reliable vinyl cutter, as well as the correct information on how to use it.

If that sounds like you, we hope you’ll stick around and take a look through our archives, and keep our blog bookmarked.

We’ll be providing regular tips on how your business can save money by choosing the best vinyl cutter, the most cost-effective tools and supplies, and — of course — by getting the most out of the machine itself.

Check out our blog for the latest updates, and feel free to drop us an email if you have any questions.

Thanks for visiting the site.

We hope to see you around!