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CanvasPop is a photo printing service that’s dedicated to creating the highest quality prints for your home.

I believe that photos are the true cornerstone of home decoration and all of my DIY cutting decor revolves around the photos of family and friends that I have hanging around our home.

But drugstore and budget online prints don’t always cut it. While these may be fine for smaller, lower quality prints to be put in frames or collages, they’re just not of good enough quality to cut it for large, stand alone photography.

That’s where CanvasPop comes in.

These guys create incredibly high quality prints of your memories, backed up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Their team of designers will even send you a proof to check before printing to ensure you’re completely happy.

All the ease of an online printing service but coupled with the expertise of real designers — what more could you want?

Let’s dive a little deeper to see all the pros and cons in our CanvasPop review…

What is CanvasPop?

Canvaspop is an online photo printing service that’s been operating since 2009.

What sets them apart from the competition is their commitment to  quality. 

They use only the best materials to ensure photos are of the highest standard and longevity. You’re not going to end up with a load of blurry or fading prints.

From CanvasPop’s Facebook Page

And while it’s all done online, you’re guaranteed the service of an in-house photography studio.  Your photos will be optimized by their team of designers and you’ll even be sent digital proofs of your product so you can check that everything is being made just as you imagined.

What Products Do They Offer?
Canvas Prints
Canvas prints are naturally their most popular product. Expect them to arrive at museum-quality and ready to hang.
Framed Prints
Your memories will be printed on fine art paper and hung in a gallery-quality frame.
Photo Collages
Perfect for a collection of prints, you can fully customize your collage to suit your needs by choosing size and edge options. Frames are also available if you so desire.
Triptych Prints
If you’re looking for something a little funkier, a triptych could well be the answer. These three gallery-style wall art prints are printed with archival inks and made by hand. Ideal for statement photography.
Pet Portraits
The ideal way to honor your best friend! After uploading your photo, you get to choose a portrait style and color that best fits your pet’s personality. You can even add their name if you want.

CanvasPop Prices

Pricing depends on size and aspect ratio (square, portrait or landscape), as well as what product you decide on. Take a look at this page for complete and up-to-date pricing models.

For a general idea though, here are a few pricing examples:

Canvas Prints

For a Portrait aspect print with a 0.75″ frame:

8″ x 10″$71
16″ x 20″$105
32″ x 40″$254
Framed Prints

For a Landscape aspect print with a 0.75″ frame:

10″ x 8″$79
20″ x 16″$157
40″ x 32″$319
Photo Collages

For a Square aspect collage with 0.75″ frame:

12″ x 12″$71
16″ x 16″$98
20″ x 20″$113
Triptych Prints

For Portrait aspect prints with 0.75″ frames:

8″ x 10″$810
16″ x 20″$847
32″ x 40″$2553
Pet Portraits

For a Square aspect print with a 0.75″ frame:

12″ x 12″$79
16″ x 16″$98
20″ x 20″$114

CanvasPop Coupon Codes

From CanvasPop’s Facebook Page

As you can see, these certainly aren’t cut-price, budget prints. You’re paying for quality.

If you’re wincing a little at the price, I’d definitely take a look at their ‘Offers’ page which has a number of great coupons available to help you fit a product to your budget.

We’ve also got some offers (CanvasPop coupon codes) for you here too…

Our CanvasPop Review: Pros & Cons

The Positives

Genuinely High Quality

Straight out of the gate, the number one thing that CanvasPop offers is genuinely high quality products.

I have ordered from so many different online photo printing services over the years and CanvasPop really stands head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to sheer product quality.

The images are super crisp and clear, and just exactly what I wanted and how I wanted them.

A team of designers work to ensure that your photos are expertly printed and this is evident in the finished product. Receiving the digital proofs before they send it for printing just adds that extra reassurance that you’re getting what you pay for.

Longevity is also assured. This is a relief as I’ve ordered canvas prints before — from a much cheaper service — that have cracked and faded less than a year after I received them. CanvasPop actually treat each canvas with an ultra protective UV-matte laminate than ensures  no cracking, flaking, fading or bubbling .

Excellent Customer Service

Of course, in order to create such good, bespoke products, a service actually has to communicate with you, the customer, which is an area that so many online services fail to do.

Not CanvasPop.

You can get in contact with them at any point to discuss your requirements, and they’re also quick off the mark when it comes to sending through your digital proofs via email.  They also have a responsive chat function on their website, and have even got phone numbers you can call in USA and Canada for service.

This isn’t a faceless company, you do genuinely feel like you’re dealing with professionals.

canvaspop pet portrait
From CanvasPop’s Facebook Page
Easy to Order

While the product quality and customer service far surpass your usual online print ordering system, CanvasPop is just as quick and easy to use as any other print app or website.

Ordering is as simple as uploading the photos you want to their website, choosing the size you desire as well as the frame you want, and any of the optional extras — touch-ups, for instance, or a wrap edge finish. You’ll then be prompted for payment.

Before you pay, remember to tick the box to request your digital proof, which should arrive in around 24 hours to the email address you provide. At this point, you can either approve the proof, in which case it’ll be sent for printing, or request changes.

Easy peasy!

Customization Options

If you’ve got any bespoke requirements that don’t fit into their cookie cutter sizing and frame options, don’t be put off — get in contact to see if they’re able to help out. Remember, these are specialists.

They have expertise in large format canvas prints for one, and are even able to design different configurations for multiple image canvases if you need. They’ve also got different color border options besides just black and white if you get in touch.

Other Things I Love
  • You can upload images directly from Facebook or Instagram
  • Various design enhancements available
  • Canvases arrive ready to hang with nails included

The Negatives

Long Delivery Times

You should expect delivery in about 10 to 14 business days after you’ve approved your digital proof — so be prepared for a little longer if you’ve requested changes.

This isn’t super long in the context of photography services but is certainly on the longer side if you compare with some of the budget printing services you might be used to.

They do have a rush option but even that is 6 business days so still not what I’d consider particularly quick.

The other side of this is that you’re going to have these prints forever so really, what’s a few extra days waiting for them?

It’s all about perspective…

No Cropping Tool

One thing I didn’t love about the ordering experience was the fact that there’s no tool for cropping your images. You will have to do this yourself before uploading with a program like Adobe Photoshop if this is important to you.

Of course, not everyone will have specialist photo editing software available, so in that case you won’t have the option to crop. This may be annoying if your image doesn’t fit the three aspect ratios that CanvasPop work in – Portrait, Landscape and Square.

If this is a problem, I would send a message to CanvasPop via the chat function on their website to see what they recommend.

canvaspop review
From CanvasPop’s Facebook Page

The elephant in the room with CanvasPop is that it’s a relatively expensive photo printing service, especially if you compare it to the budget online services that are available.

I hope you can tell from my review, however, that although the upfront cost may be on the higher side, these products really do offer clear value for money.

Quality is exceptionally high and their 100% satisfaction guarantee means that you can be reassured you’re going to get exactly what you want.

These products are guaranteed for life as well — if anything, they’re an investment. They’d also make brilliant gifts for friends and family. 

Is CanvasPop Worth It?

I’ve used CanvasPop a few times now and it’s definitely the best photo printing service I’ve used.

In fact, to reduce it to just ‘a photo printing service’ is doing it a bit of an injustice. The quality of the products is so high that I think of them as more like my personal photography dealer!

While it’s certainly on the pricier side, you can expect excellence in both customer service and the finished product. The team are genuinely committed to making what you want so make sure that you keep lines of communication open if you’ve got some bespoke requirements.

Time to decorate some walls!

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