Cricut Maker QuickSwap Tools: A Guide to Getting Started

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Have you heard about the brand new Cricut Maker QuickSwap tools? We’ve got the low-down…

It feels like Cricut is really treating us this Summer what with the new Infusible Ink system and now not one, not two, not three, but FOUR new tools for the Cricut Maker!

Saying that, our wallets could do with a break so we’d appreciate no more treats for a while… 😉

Anyway, as of a couple of weeks ago, Cricut have introduced these four new tools:

  • Engraving Tip
  • Fine Debossing Tip
  • Basic Perforation Blade
  • Wavy Blade

Let’s find out everything you need to know before you invest in them…

What are the Cricut Maker QuickSwap Tools?

Back when the Cricut Maker was first launched, Cricut made a big deal out of the fact that this was their flagship machine. They promised not to bring out a new cutting machine (at least for a while) and that instead we’d be satisfied with the suite of new tools that were designed to fit with the Maker’s specialist, heavy duty motor.

So far, we’ve had the following tools:

  • Cricut FinePoint Blade — suitable for most cuts and materials
  • Cricut Knife Blade — designed for thicker and denser materials like leather and wood. You can read our review on it here
  • Cricut Rotary Blade — it can slice through more or less any fabric without backing
  • Cricut Scoring Wheel — available as either a double or single scoring wheel, it creates deep score lines for perfect folds regardless of the material you’re using

And finally, they’ve announced these brand new tools to stand alongside the above.

Let’s have a look at them individually.

Engraving Tip

cricut maker quickswap tools

The Engraving Tip is going to be an absolute must-buy for card makers and anyone else who makes lots of display objects with their Cricut Maker.

It does exactly what it says on the tin — creates an engraving effect on materials including the following:

  • Coated paper
  • Foil cardstock
  • Shimmer paper
  • Basswood
  • Glitter paper
  • Metal
  • Leather
  • Plastic

Flourishes, monograms, embellishments — whatever engraving style tickles your pickle, you’ll be able to do it with the Engraving Tip.

It’s priced at $24.99 on the Cricut website.

See it on the Cricut Website
Basic Perforation Blade

cricut maker tools

Cricut describes the perforation blade as being able to “get the perfect tear quickly and effortlessly with precise perforation cuts”.

We’ve got to be honest — we’re not 100% sure when we’d need that “perfect tear” but after some research, it looks like it’ll be handy for anyone using their Maker to create a coupon book or the like.

Here’s a quick video explaining more about it:

Cricut have priced it at $29.99.

See it on the Cricut Website
Wavy Blade

cricut quickswap

The Wavy Blade is something we’re getting excited about: it’ll add a wavy edge to any design and will be able to work on most materials like paper, vinyl and cardstock.

Perfect for anyone into quirky cuts and crazy designs, who felt constrained by the shapes on Design Space before.

This video shows you a bit more on what it will be able to create:

It’s available from Cricut for $29.99.

See it on the Cricut Website
Fine Debossing Tip

cricut maker tools

So… what’s debossing?

You’ve probably already heard of embossing — when you mould a design in such a way that it stands out in relief to its material — and debossing is essentially the reverse of that.

Instead of the design standing out where it’s embossed, it will sink in where it’s debossed.

Just like the engraving tip, the fine debossing tip will be super handy for card makers and people who like to use a lot of decorative flourishes on their paper designs.

This video shows a bit more:

Cricut is selling it for $24.99.

See it on the Cricut Website
How Will the Cricut Maker QuickSwap Tools Work?

In order to use any of the QuickSwap tools, you’ll need the QuickSwap drive housing, which fits seamlessly with the tips.

If you already have the Scoring Wheel, you’ll already have the housing and won’t need to buy it again — simply unscrew the scoring wheel tip and then fit the tip of whichever QuickSwap tool you want to use.

Alternatively, you can buy any of the tips with or without the QuickSwap housing, which will be handy if you don’t already own it.

 You only need one QuickSwap housing to use any of the tips, including the Scoring Wheel. 
Can I Use the QuickSwap Tools with any Cricut Cutter?

The QuickSwap tools have all been designed specifically for use with the Cricut Maker so you won’t be able to use them with any of Cricut’s previous cutting machines, including the Explore Air 2.

This is because the Maker has such a powerful motor and requires each tool to have specialist housing that can work with such a heavy-duty machine.

These tips simply won’t fit or work with any other Cricut machine.

Cricut Maker QuickSwap Tools Prices

Here are the prices for the 4 brand new tools:

  • Engraving Tip: $24.99
  • Basic Perforation Blade: $29.99
  • Wavy Blade: $29.99
  • Fine Debossing Tip: $24.99

And that’s everything you need to know about the new Cricut Maker QuickSwap tools!

Which are you most excited to try out?

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