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Welcome to our Silhouette portal, where we bring you the latest reviews, news and tutorials for the popular cutting machines from Silhouette America.

Silhouette is widely known for its flagship Cameo series -- a fantastic die-cutter (now in its third iteration) that has earned a reputation as the "ultimate DIY machine", capable of cutting over 100 different materials.

In this section, you'll find Silhouette-themed tips and tutorials, plus all of our Silhouette machine reviews, including the popular Cameo 3, Portrait and brand new Alta 3D printer.

cameo 4 review

Silhouette Cameo 4 Review


Have you heard the rumors…? That’s right — it’s new machine time again! UPDATE: The Cameo 4 is finally here! You can jump straight down to our honest and impartial review…

Cameo 3: The Ultimate DIY Machine

Silhouette Cameo 3 review

Silhouette's flagship Cameo vinyl cutter has come a long way since the release of the first model back in 2011.

These machines became a worldwide sensation - an affordable but super flexible way for craft fans to work with a variety of different materials.

We couldn't contain our excitement when we heard about the most recent Cameo 3 model, and sure enough, there are plenty of improvements to mark this down as an excellent machine.

Check our updated Cameo 3 review to see our complete verdict.

Alta 3D: Take Designs to the Next Dimension

Silhouette Alta 3D review and guide

What's the next step up from a good old fashioned vinyl cutter? According to Silhouette, it's a desktop printer that can work with 3D designs.

Whilst close craft rival Cricut is busy increasing the number of materials that their machine can work with (see the Cricut Maker), Silhouette is adding a brand new capability in the form of 3D printing. And yes - we're very excited!

Stay on top of the latest Silhouette Alta 3D coverage with our comprehensive release guide.