Introducing Cricut Easy Press 2


The Cricut EasyPress 2 will be available to buy this Fall — are you excited yet?

It feels like just yesterday that the original Cricut EasyPress was announced, but we’re not complaining — there’s not a lot that gets us going like a new machine!

Anyone interested in heat pressing and heat transfer vinyl should take a look at what the Easy Press 2 has to offer.

From what we’ve seen, it’s bigger and better than the original.

We’ve compiled this guide to all the new features you can expect to see, and we’ll be updating it with an honest and unbiased review as soon as we’ve had a chance to thoroughly test it out after the release.

Stay tuned!

What is the Cricut EasyPress 2?

The original Easy Press was Cricut’s answer to something in between a professional heat press and a household iron.

Compact size and convenient to use yet with high speed heat pressing that offers lasting results.

Unlike a normal iron, the EasyPress allows us to heat press successfully within 60 seconds. It also heats up easily and is safe to use — even for younger children.

But it’s not nearly as big and cumbersome as a traditional heat press — nor is it as expensive.

The Cricut EasyPress 2 is simply an improvement on the original EasyPress.

cricut easypress 2 review

It’s available in three sizes — great news for people who like to work on large scale projects — plus it can reach higher temperatures faster and work with a wider variety of materials.

Essentially, it’s plenty more versatile and just generally a better machine.

Let’s break down exactly what those differences are between the machines…

EasyPress vs EasyPress 2

cricut easypress 2
EasyPress 2
easypress vs easypress 2
Maximum Heat350°F400°F
Remembers last time/temperature settings?NoYes
# of Models1 - 9" x 9"3 - 6" x 7"
9" x 9"
12" x 10"
Evenness of Temperature+/- 9°F+/- 5°F
Time to Heat UpQuicklyUp to 25% faster

Cricut EasyPress 2 Features

Three Sizes

One of the most attractive things about the new Easy Press is the fact that it’s available in three different sizes — ideal for anyone who felt constricted by the original.

cricut easy press vs easy press 2

Here are the sizes:

  • 6″ x 7″

This is the ‘mini’ size that’s ideal for smaller scale projects and anyone who wants to cut down on size.

The heat plate gets up to temperature in a little over a minute, meaning that you can cut down on the time it takes to make your project as well.

This one weighs just 3.3 lbs. It’s the travel size heat press!

We’d recommend the mini size for baby clothes, cosmetic bags and bibs.

  • 9″ x 9″

The ‘classic medium’ is the same size as the original EasyPress although, of course, it comes with all the additional features of the new model.

It weighs 5.73 lbs, which is just a tiny bit heavier than the 5 lb original.

It promises to heat up in just over 2 minutes, which is a huge improvement over traditional heat presses that can take anywhere between 7 and 18 minutes.

You’ll be working with t-shirts and larger bags with the 9″ x 9″ model.

  • 12″ x 10″

We’re sure that we’re not the only crafters that are most intrigued by this ‘jumbo’ size.

Weighing 8.6 lbs, the jumbo is ideal for large scale heat transfer projects that the classic medium is just not big enough for.

One of our major bugbears with the original Cricut EasyPress was the fact that it simply wasn’t big enough to compete with traditional heat presses. This new jumbo size could easily change our minds.

Heating up in just over 3 minutes, it’s just as convenient to use as the two smaller models as well.

Use the jumbo for projects like banners and blankets — anything big will do!

cricut easypress

Heats up Higher and Faster

Not only can the EasyPress 2 reach temperatures of 400° F, but it can also get there quicker than ever.

Some of the best professional heat presses that we’ve used in the past have reached 450° F and most are somewhere in the region of 400°, so Cricut are definitely taking us closer to the heat press power territory than they did with the EasyPress, which could only reach 350°F.

Not only does this mean that the EasyPress 2 will be more effective at pressing, but also that it can take on a wider variety of materials than its predecessor.

The heat-up time has also been improved by up to 25%.

The original EasyPress was already much quicker than traditional heat presses — some of which can take 10 minutes plus to reach their desired settings — but the EasyPress 2 is Speedy Gonzales in comparison.

The mini model takes just over a minute to reach full heat, the classic medium just over two minutes, and the jumbo just over three minutes.

Plus, the EasyPress 2 will remember the time and temperature settings that you used for your last press. This means even more time saved if you’re doing multiple presses that require the same settings. No need to input the details every time!

easypress 2 review

Thicker Heat Plate

One of the biggest advantages of choosing a heat press over a normal household iron is that you can achieve a much more uniform temperature.

A uniform temperature means that the design is heated evenly and makes for a more successful end result. Without even temperature, you could end up with a design that’s burning on one side and nowhere near ready to stick on the other side.

A normal household iron has a temperature variant of +/- 100° F over its surface.

It’s easy to see why things can go so wrong with an iron…

The original EasyPress had a much more manageable variant of +/- 9°F and the EasyPress 2 has improved on it further by reducing its variant down to +/- 5°F.

It’s managed this thanks to a thicker heat plate that is better able to distribute heat evenly about the plate.

This puts the EasyPress 2 much more in line with traditional heat presses.

cricut easypress review

Streamlined Safety Base

Something touted as an advantage of the EasyPress 2 over the original is that the new one comes with  ‘new streamlined safety base’.

Apparently, this safety base is meant to keep the EasyPress in a protected resting position while also protecting the surface what you’re crafting on.

We’ll be honest, we’ve got no idea what this really means 🤷🏻‍♀️

I guess we’ll only be able to evaluate it once we’ve seen it in the flesh and had a play around with it ourselves. But anything that increases the safety aspects of a new machine is good news in our book.

Raspberry Color

The final feature that we think is worth getting excited about when it comes to the Cricut EasyPress 2 is the fact that it’s debuting with a glorious raspberry accent.


We enjoyed the turquoise color of the original, but this is pretty much the perfect color to complement the aesthetics of our craft room, so we’re definitely on board.

Take a look at Tanner Bell’s first impressions of the machine:

Where to Buy the Cricut EasyPress 2

The EasyPress 2 was announced at the Mountain Makeathon at the end of July by CEO Ashish Arora, and is due to be released in Fall 2018.

It’ll definitely be available direct from the Cricut website and we expect to see it on Amazon and other retailers shortly thereafter.

Get excited!

Are you excited for the Cricut EasyPress 2?


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